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Documentary: The Cancer Man

Stanislaw Burzynski claims to have cured cancer, but hasn’t published verifiable results of his tests in 30 years. He charges patients vast quantities of money to take part in these tests, and claims that many are fully cured.

The Cancer Man, a documentary by Cian Mac Mahon and produced by Ciaran O’Connor, looks into Burzynski, talks to experts on the subject and those closely affected by terminal cancer.

The Cancer Man has won a Smedia for Best Work in Science or Education, and has been nominated for a Hybrid award.


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  • Guy Chapman on

    Good coverage but the soundtrack is seriously annoying. I have tinnitus and obscure auditory dysfunction, the background sound makes it hard to properly hear the interviewees.

    • Cian on

      Thanks for the feedback, Guy. Sorry to hear that the soundtrack made it hard for you to hear. If you’d like, I can send you one without any music in the background? While we are going to keep the music in the main copy for various technical and artistic reasons, we fully understand positions like yours. Send me an email at if you’d like a copy without it.

    • Ben C on

      I agree with Guy. While I have no problems with my hearing, I also found the soundtrack to be too loud in the mix, and at times quite a distraction from the speech.

      Nevertheless, a good piece – well done.

  • Bock the Robber on

    Not invasive? It didn’t involve toxins?

    What on earth is Kate talking about? Burzynski pumps aggressive destructive chemicals into people’s bodies. It’s just unproven chemotherapy by another name.

    Horrendously expensive, unproven chemotherapy.

  • Ursula Nathan on

    Well having listened to documentary, and being a 14yr cancer survivor of NHL, which has recurred several times and also under the care of Prof. J. Crown for many of those years, I’d have to say I would clearly and gladly take his (Dr. Crown) advice…..

  • Evert Bopp on

    It’s interesting that the part of the interview where I explain about my direct contact with Dr. Burzynski and his clinic is left out of the interview. That includes the details about his supposed claims and his fees. None of the other people featured has actually had any contact with him and mostly go by hearsay.
    The raw cut of the interview can be heard here:

  • Kate Bopp on

    Glad we still have the uncut version of that interview. It is on Evert’s blog. The part where I explain how I felt this would be an option to consider if traditional methods had run their course, has been cut from this recording. I would never advocate experimental treatment of any kind as opposed to traditional medicine, to anyone. I am not a doctor.

  • Stumpy on

    The reason we have a process of peer reviewed published scientific research is so we can avoid the pitfalls of personal experience. Soon as he starts publishing dr burzynskis cures will help many more – I’m sure that’s all he wants

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