DCUfm News – News Roundup. Friday 24/11/16

DCUfm News – News Roundup

Friday 24/11/16


10am – Suicide bombing south of Baghdad – Megan Brady

An Isis attack has killed more than 80 people at a petrol station 100km south of Baghdad.

Most of the deceased were Iranian Shia pilgrims who were going back to Iran after a religious celebration in the Iraqi Shia holy city of Karbala.

The Islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack in an online statement earlier today. Thousands of Israelis have fled wildfires which came across  central and northern regions of the country and has now spread to the West Bank region.

People were seen extinguishing the flames which erupted in the woods. The mayor of the city has stated that the only damage created is to properties.

The fires have been burning in numerous locations over the past three days but intensified yesterday due to dry weather and strong easterly winds.



4pm- New Legislation 2016 – Marianne Foody.

New legislation being introduced in Ireland will see Irish adoptees eligible to access their birth certificates.

The adoption information and tracing bill 2016 allows people access to information that was previously unavailable due to privacy laws.

However if a person wishes to access their birth certificate they must agree to respect the privacy of the biological parents and not contact them unless it is through official means.

Minister for Children Catherine Zappone is strongly in favour of the bill and Tulsa have described it as a ‘’positive and important step for adoptees seeking their personal information and identity.’’



12pm- Mandatory Retirement – Tomas Dubhghlas

Age action Ireland has urged the authorities to speed up legislation to remove the mandatory retirement age of 65.

Speaking to RTÉ this morning, Justin Moran from Age Action called the rule a discriminatory one.

This comes as details emerge of the strange law that means a person must retire at 65 but cannot avail of a pension until they turn 66, giving them no choice but to sign onto the dole.


12pm- Bulgaria riots – Tomas Dubhghlas

Migrants have clashed with police in a refugee camp in Bulgaria. Around one and a half thousand people were involved in the incidents that left 24 members of the police force with injuries and saw hundreds arrested.

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, today, said that six members of the group are considered a serious threat to national security. He added that around 300 have been arrested.

The situation is now under control, but the camp is destroyed, after mostly Afghan migrants set fire to tyres and tossed stones at fire service members and police officers.

Bulgaria, which has a border to Turkey, has suffered some of the worst of the tensions with the migrants, around 13,000 are trapped in the poorest state in the EU.


4pm- Kicker – Marianne Foody.

And finally…

The supermarket chain ‘Iceland’ has been sued by the country of Iceland for its name.

The country has taken the case to the European Union Intellectual Property office in order to ensure that Icelandic companies may use the word ‘’Iceland’’ in ‘’relation to goods and services’’.

The Icelandic Government said they’ve been forced to go to court to protect their country’s identity.