DCUfm News – News Roundup – Friday 10/02/2017


10am – Bomb Scare in Greece – Lauren Timlin


Greek soldiers have successfully defused a World War II bomb in the second largest city in Greece.


The Bomb discovered, was 1.5m long and contained 170 kg of explosives. The device was American – made and was dropped round 1943 during the war.


Tens of thousands of people from the area were evacuated and taken outside of the city by buses.  The operation went smoothly and the bomb was defused within hours.


People were allowed back into the homes by Sunday evening.



6pm – 14 year old gets prison sentence – Brian Ennis


A teenage boy, who was 14 when he stabbed a young man to death in Dublin, has been handed a six year sentence with 18 months suspended.


The boy, who cannot be named because he’s still under 18, admitted killing Lorcan O’Reilly at a Halloween bonfire at the Oliver Bond flats in 2015.


The judge said at least one member of the boy’s family was associated with criminal activity and that a report stated he was “lacking a moral compass”.


12pm Cork tech jobs – Aoife


US tech company NGINX has announced its plans to create over 100 jobs in Cork.


The company already has a base in the city but has announced its plans to establish it as the headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Over the next three years it plans to recruit more than 100 people and a formal announcement will be made by Enda Kenny later today.



3pm – Irish Gangs – Sabrine

According to a four-year study, Irish criminal gangs recruit children as young as 11 years old.


This is done through offers of drugs and alcohol, and a promise of ‘status’.


After the initial excitement, children find it very difficult to leave and can be punished through violence.


The research was done at the University of Limerick, to be published this week.


10am – Kicker – Lauren

And finally

DCU Nubar is bring back the 5th goujon in style.


After the news of the missing gougion went viral on JOE.ie, DCU Nubar has decided to have a goujon appreciation day this Tuesday.


So for all those singletons in DCU, do not fear for the goujon is here.

All money raised will help send one DCU student to volunteer in Fiji.